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6 Reasons You Need a Smokeless Fire Pit This Summer

BenPublished: May 24, 2024
6 Reasons You Need a Smokeless Fire Pit This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for backyard gatherings, barbecues, and spending evenings under the stars. We can all agree it’s one of the best times of the year.

One item that's quickly becoming a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts is the smokeless fire pit. Unlike traditional firepits, smokeless firepits offer a cleaner, more enjoyable experience.

Have you ever been sitting around a fire and had to move every few minutes to avoid the haze of smoke coming your way? Well, these gems solve exactly that problem.

Here are six reasons why we think you should consider adding a smokeless fire pit to your backyard setup this summer.

Enhance your backyard ambiance.

A firepit instantly elevates the ambiance of any backyard. Everyone loves a roaring fire.

It creates a warm and inviting focal point, perfect for gatherings or quiet evenings. Smokeless fire pits, in particular, add an extra layer of sophistication that you can’t get with a regular $50 fire pit from a big box store.

Brands like Breeo and Solo Stove have designed their firepits with sleek, modern aesthetics that can complement any outdoor decor.

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Imagine sitting around a crackling fire with friends and family, enjoying the warmth without being engulfed in a cloud of smoke.

The clean burn technology of smokeless fire pits ensures that you can enjoy the glow and heat without the discomfort of smoke blowing in your face. This makes your outdoor space more comfortable and attractive for guests.

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Perfect for barbecues and cooking.

Smokeless fire pits aren’t just for warmth and ambiance (though that’s our favorite part about them); they are also excellent for cooking. Breeo, for instance, offers firepits with built-in grilling capabilities.

Their X Series fire pits come with adjustable sear plates and grill grates, allowing you to cook a variety of foods right over the fire. The high temperatures achieved by these firepits make them ideal for searing steaks, grilling vegetables, or even making wood-fired pizzas.

Solo Stove also offers a range of accessories that can turn your firepit into a versatile cooking station, although it is an add-on and not a standard feature like the Breeo.

Their cast iron grill, griddle, and roasting sticks make it easy to prepare a feast for your guests.

With a smokeless fire pit, you get the combined benefits of a barbecue grill and a cozy firepit in one unit, simplifying your outdoor cooking setup.

Enjoy smoke-free gatherings.

One of the biggest complaints about traditional fire pits is the smoke.

It can be irritating to the eyes, difficult to avoid, and it clings to your clothes and hair. You smell like smoke until you can finally get a shower in.

Smokeless fire pits, however, utilize innovative design and technology to minimize smoke production. They’re an absolute game-changer.

Both Breeo and Solo Stove amongst other brands have engineered their fire pits to maximize airflow and achieve a more complete combustion of wood.

That’s right; you’re still burning wood, and you get all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

Breeo’s patented double-wall design pulls in air from the bottom and releases it through strategically placed holes, ensuring that the fire burns hotter and cleaner. Solo Stove’s signature airflow system uses a similar approach, creating a secondary burn that consumes nearly all the smoke.

This means you can sit around the fire, relax, and enjoy conversations without constantly moving to escape the smoke. Your guests will appreciate the cleaner air, making your gatherings more pleasant and enjoyable. After all, that’s what we’re all about: enjoying our backyard.

Easy to maintain and clean.

Maintaining a traditional fire pit can be a chore. The buildup of soot and ash requires regular cleaning, and dealing with leftover debris can be messy. Smokeless fire pits are designed to burn wood more efficiently, resulting in less ash and residue.

That’s not to say there’s no cleanup, but it’s definitely much easier.

For instance, Solo Stove’s ash pan and base plate are designed for easy removal and cleaning. You simply lift out the components, dispose of the ash, and reassemble. Breeo’s firepits also feature easy-to-clean designs with accessible ash pans.

This streamlined maintenance allows you to spend more time enjoying your firepit and less time cleaning up after it.

Environmentally friendly option.

We couldn’t go on about these backyard centerpieces without a hat-tip to the environmental factor. Choosing a smokeless fire pit is also an environmentally conscious decision.

The efficient burn technology used in smokeless fire pits not only reduces smoke but also minimizes the amount of wood needed for a strong fire. This means fewer resources are used, and less particulate matter is released into the air.

So, with that, enjoy your backyard and know that you’re doing your part for our planet.

Portability for adventure.

While smokeless fire pits are fantastic for backyard use, sometimes we like to venture out off of the beaten path and create a welcoming space somewhere else.

These fire pits also offer portability for those who love to travel and explore. Solo Stove’s compact models, like the Ranger, are designed for easy transport. You can take them on camping trips, beach outings, or tailgating events without hassle.

Breeo’s Y Series is another great portable option. It's designed with built-in handles and collapsible legs, making it easy to pack and carry.

These portable smokeless fire pits allow you to enjoy the benefits of a clean, efficient fire wherever your adventures take you. Gone are the days of the big fire pits that hang out in your backyard for the rest of their lives; you can take your fire pit (without the smoke) wherever you go.

Is a Smokeless Fire Pit Worth the Buy?

We sure think so!

Smokeless fire pits offer a massive range of benefits that make them a worthy addition to anyone’s backyard.

They enhance your outdoor ambiance, provide excellent cooking options, and create a more enjoyable, smoke-free experience.

With easy maintenance, environmental benefits, and portability, brands like Breeo and Solo Stove have set a new standard for outdoor fire pits.

This summer, elevate your gatherings and enjoy the warmth and charm of a smokeless fire pit. We don’t think you’ll go to any other fire pit after trying these out.




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