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Unleashing the Power of Steam: A Review of the Grand Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush

AustinPublished: September 12, 2023
Unleashing the Power of Steam: A Review of the Grand Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush

There's nothing quite like the aroma of sizzling steaks on a grill during a sunny afternoon. However, the aftermath — a grill caked with grease and burnt food particles — can quickly dampen the joy of your barbecue. That's where a quality grill cleaning brush comes in handy. But with so many options on the market, finding the right one can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we will give the Grand Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush a test drive to see how it does.

We'll check out one of the most talked-about grill cleaning brushes: The Grand Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush. This tool offers many features, including steam cleaning, a 3-row scraper brush, sterilization, and an ergonomic design. But does it live up to its hype? We decided to put it to the test to find out.

From design and usability to effectiveness, we'll explore every aspect of this grill cleaning brush. We'll also weigh up the good, the bad, and the ugly to give you an honest verdict on whether the Grand Grill Daddy is worth the investment.

Design and features.

Grand Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush Sitting on a Grill

The Grand Grill Daddy stands out due to its unique design. It's built like a traditional grill brush but with a water reservoir in the handle. There is literally nothing else like it on the market. 

But who would pay this much for a grill-cleaning brush? Well, you would when you realize everything that comes with it.

  • Dual-purpose brush. Includes a cleaning brush and an attached scraper for tough-duty scrubbing.
  • Steam cleaning. The brush releases a measured amount of water as you clean, which turns to steam when it hits the grill, helping rinse away burnt-on food and dirt.
  • 3-row scraper brush. Features three rows of double gauge stainless steel bristles for deep cleaning.
  • Sterilization. The steam-cleaning feature also sterilizes the grill as it cleans, promoting a more hygienic cooking surface.
  • Suitable for all grill types. This tool is designed to effectively clean and sterilize all kinds of grills. Whether it's a pellet grill or a charcoal grill, you can use it on all of them.
  • Durable construction. Made with sturdy stainless steel for longevity and resistance to rust.
  • Ergonomic design. The handle is designed for a comfortable grip, making cleaning less strenuous.

Of course, that's what it says on the packaging. But we're not just taking their word for it. We're going to try the brush ourselves. 

Usability: Is it a grill cleaning tool or a gimmicky toy?

When we opened the Grand Grill Daddy, we realized that using it would be relatively straightforward. 

We started by filling the reservoir with water, heating our grill, and simply started scrubbing. The steam that was released from the brush did a great job loosening up the dirt and debris while making a lot less mess compared to traditional brushes.

Compared to other brushes, we found the 3-row scraper to be more effective in removing stuck food and grease. The ergonomic handle allowed us to apply a decent amount of pressure without putting too much strain on our hands. 

The brush is also easy to clean and maintain. Once you're done scrubbing, just rinse it with water, and you're done.

The one thing we didn't like was the water reservoir. We found that it runs out of steam quickly, which means you'll have to refill it often. You might not need to refill a smaller grill before you're done, but definitely on the larger grills.

Overall, we felt that this grill brush stands head and shoulders above the rest. Is it worth the price tag? Let's jump in and take a look at the effectiveness.

Effectiveness: Does the Grand Grill Daddy live up to its hype?

Clean Steel Grill Grates

We wanted to test the Grand Grill Daddy's effectiveness with a range of different grills. We used pellet, charcoal, and gas grills and were impressed with the results each time.

The brush effectively removed burnt-on food and grease from all three types of grills without any effort. We even noticed a remarkable improvement in the grates of each grill after using the brush, as it was able to sterilize them during cleaning.

The 3-row scraper did a great job removing tough debris, and the steam released by the brush allowed us to clean quickly and effectively without using any harsh chemicals. 

The bristles are incredibly durable. In fact, they might be too durable. They can damage porcelain-coated grates if you press too hard, so take care when using the brush. 

For the most part, the Grand Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush did an impressive job cleaning our grills. Was it faster than a traditional grill brush? Not exactly, but the grill grates were much cleaner. 

The good, the bad, and the ugly: Pros and cons of the Grand Grill Daddy.

Having used the Grand Grill Daddy brush, we think we have it all figured out. There are, of course, some things we like and some things we don't.


  • Effective cleaning. The brush uses steam to remove baked-on food, grease, and residue, making it a powerful cleaning tool. You're buying it for a reason, and it does deliver.
  • Sterilization. It not only cleans but also sterilizes the grill, promoting a more hygienic cooking surface. When you're cooking different types of food, this is a great advantage. 
  • Versatile. It is designed to scrub and steam all types of grills, making it a valuable tool for different grill types. It doesn't matter if it's a pellet, charcoal, or gas grill.
  • Durable. Made with stainless steel, the Platinum model is built to last for several grilling seasons. Of course, we only used it for a single grilling season before this review, but we could see it lasting 3-4 grilling seasons with weekly use.


  • Filling difficulty. Some users have reported that the water reservoir is a bit difficult to fill without a particular funnel. We didn't have an issue with this, but we can see how it could be a problem for some.
  • Water depletion. The water in the reservoir can deplete quickly during a single cleaning session, requiring frequent refills. If you have a large grill, this could be a bit of an annoyance.
  • Potential for damage. The hard bristles might cause damage to certain types of grill grates, such as porcelain-coated ones. Check to see what grates you have before using the brush.
  • Inadequate for stubborn grime: Some additional elbow grease may be required for highly stubborn grime. We're talking dirt and food that has been left on for weeks. It will take some extra effort to remove these, but the brush will still help. 

Verdict: Is the Grand Grill Daddy cleaning brush worth the investment?

As a backyard grill master, taking care of your grill is paramount. Regular cleaning and routine maintenance should be on your list of top priorities. So, it goes without saying that you need a tool that is up to the task.

While this grill brush certainly has some shortcomings, we can confidently say that it is worth the investment. 

It's effective in removing burnt-on food and grease from all types of grills, sterilizes the grill during cleaning, and is built with durable materials for longevity. All of this combined makes it a great choice when it comes to buying a quality grill brush. 

Would we repurchase it? Absolutely. We're going to be using the Grand Grill Daddy for many grilling seasons to come.



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